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At 08-29-2016 06:59:00 PM
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EN Mythic Victory lap

by Allstarl, 22 days ago

Its been quite some time since theres been anything uploaded to our website under news, so we decided to stop being bad and go finish up those 2 last bosses in EN. Xavius, being not worth a kill pic on his own gets to share with the real boss Cenarius.

Cenarius & Xavius

Now lets not be as slow in ToV guys aight?

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Dragons of Nightmare

by Allstarl, 49 days ago

More like Dragons of Sleeping-peacefully-in-gas-clouds right bois? Easy boss that allmost made us as dead inside as the ones going portal. Anyways Dragonslayer title for everyone.

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"Better late than never" Bear

by Allstarl, 49 days ago

Seeing as we killed it later than we should've it seemed fitting the Killshot gets uploaded late after kill aswell. YEY.

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