Information about Civitas

The guild and our vision:

We're a "Slightly-more-than casual" raiding guild that has been around on Ravencrest since Cataclysm. Our vision is to experience the whole content of each expansion in a timely manner without having to raid more than 3 days a week to get the job done. This naturally means we're not competing for world top kills. Despite the above however we value the time invested into raiding so you should expect a very organized enrivonment with serious people trying to achieve stable progression in a concentrated state. Civitas has always represented an environment of teamwork, collaboration, friendship and tons of fun but above all it also represented success and results! Think of it as the preparation and performance should make up for the less hours and we should therefore still compete with most 4 days guilds and other 3 day guilds!

Our raid schedule:

Our raiding days are: Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday. Raid times are 19:30 - 23:30 Server Time. But expect that raid can be extended (Often just by 5-10 minutes and Never by more than half an hour or so).

Things we expect of our raiders:

  •  You are capable of maintaining a High Attendance (Atleast 90%).
  •  You have a excellent knowledge about your Class & Role in general.
  •  You are capable of reading up on, and understanding encounters on your own. 
  •  You have good communication skills that are actively used during raiding. 
  •  You are selfcritical and always strive to perform your best.
  •  You are capable of handling criticism (EVEN when it gets very harsh!).
  •  You are ambitious and always strive to improve yourself.

For a more detailed idea about how Civitas is run and our rules you can check the Guild Rules tab. Which you'll be expected to have read anyways when you're invited to the guild.

Things to know before you apply:

Your application is the first we see of you and in some cases the last. Therefore it should be very well written and your answers should be well-considered. For this you should try to gather all of the information that you could possible think would affect how you would write your application. While writing your application you should try to fill out every box/field as precisely as possible while still being concise (remember the old saying "that what does not add, substracts").

All the boxes/fields are there because we feel the information is relevant in most cases. If the box/field doesn't apply to you, then write in there that it doesn't apply to you. Should you come in the fortunate situation where we have accepted your application you should contact any officer of the guild ingame for an invite (unless something else is stated in the reply to your application of course!).

Allways try to contact the officer that has reviewed your application first (it will often be the officer in charge of recruiting). We expect you to contact us for your invite as soon as possible and certainly no later than 3 work days after your apply has been accepted (We think its only fair if you guys expect a short review time, we may also expect a just as short response time once the application has been answered)

Bear in mind that once you've joined your trial period will start. Your Trial period should be expected to last several weeks during which we will evaluate your perfomance and dedication towards the guild. During these weeks you should do your best to show us that you possess the qualities listed under "Things we expect of our Raiders" just above.

Now lets get back to killing Demons!!

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