1) Process and General Rules
2) Member Attitude and Behaviour
3) Trials Ranks and Promotions
4) Calendar Invites
5) Attendance and Raid Schedule
6) Absences & Delays
7) Loot Distribution
8) Raid Preparation
9) Raid Rules
10) Raid Logs

1) Process and General rules

Upon Receiving a guild invitation and joining the roster of Civitas, specific actions need to be performed.

- Read Guild Rules.
- Read the in game guild information tab (check regularly).
- Download and install Discord.
- Join the Civitas Discord server
- Confirm proper functionality of microphone and speakers/headphones.
- Confirm ability to read and communicate through the Civitas forums.
- Browse through the Civitas roster and familiarise with the current setup, players      and classes.
- Browse through the Civitas roster and get awareness of the officer team and department (role) leaders.
 Read guild message of the day (check daily).
 All members of Civitas, regardless of rank or status, need to always maintain awareness of the above requirements.

2) Member Attitude and Behaviour

Civitas is a Mythic progression raiding guild, however above all it is a COMMUNITY. As a member of this community you need to respect its members and the guild rules.

As part of this guild you should:

1) Be polite
2) Not insult your guild mates or officers
3) Avoid taunting behaviour
4) Refrain from using offensive language in your communication
5) Never initiate fights or drama in any publicly viewed chat
6) Always respect and follow your officer's directions

If any of the above rules are not respected, the member receives a warning, demote and/or ultimately removal from the guild.

3) Trials, Ranks and Promotions

The current ranking system of Civitas includes:
Social / Trial / Raider / Officer / Guild Master

3.1 Guild Master
The Guild Master rank is a unique rank awarded to one of the officers which is also the end of the pyramid and the one in charge of the proper functionality, progression and performance of the guild overall. The guild master is the one in charge of bringing balance and guaranteeing that the macro and micro management of the officer team is properly executed. All issues and topics should be initially directed to your officers; however major complaints or concerns regarding the officers themselves should be always redirected to the guild master. The Guild has a clear Chain of Command, and everyone is expected to follow it.

3.2 Officer Rank
The officer rank is awarded to people that undertake specific Guild management responsibilities. Veteran players are usually chosen in order to be able to and take proper decisions utilizing their experience and expertise.
Besides their department specialty assignments, all officers are in charge of securing that all Guild rules are followed and to provide the necessary communication between the Guild management team and the rest of the guild (be it Raiders, trials, other officers or socials).
As described above, all officers in Civitas undertake responsibilities which need to be executed. There are NO officers in Civitas that simply receive the rank but do not acquire a special functionality or job assignments that needs to be properly executed.

3.3 Raider Rank
Once a trial is completed, a promotion to Raider rank is granted providing you with spot and loot prio over Trials. Raiders have equal rights with the officer team or the guild master in loot distribution or other similar guild functionalities.

3.4 Trial Rank
Upon being accepted into the guild, you receive trial status. The trial status can last from 3 to 6 weeks. If a member exceeds the 6 week trial period, he will be either removed from the guild or given a warning regarding the issues that need to be resolved before a promotion can follow. Expect a normal trial period to last between 9 and 12 raids attended.

3.5 Social Rank
Any friend of anyone in Civitas can get in as social. Socials only have to follow the above attitude and behavior rules.

4) Calendar Invites

All scheduled raids are registered in the ingame Calendar System in order to invite the participants. All calendar invites need to be answered no less than 48 hours before the event. At any point after the deadline the officer team will be locking your response for the upcoming raid.

You can reply to a calendar invite by choosing between:
1) Accepted; You're going to be available for the entire raid.
2) Declined; You're not going to be available for the raid or some of it. You need to inform an officer about the reason for this.
3) Tentative; You do not yet have any ideas or indications of whether you are going to be available or unavailable for the raid. (Note the definition of this. It does not mean "maybe", and if you're on tentative we require to hear further from you closer to the occurrence of the event.) Just don't use tentative. We hate it.
Not replying to your calendar invite, constantly declining, accepting and not showing or putting consecutive tentative, results in serious penalties including: attendance removals, loot bans, demotes and/or Removal from the guild.

5) Attendance and Raid Schedule

The basic and primal requirement of our community is being able to demonstrate an attendance of 90%+, any member that does not achieve this target will be heavily down prioritized for loot and risks to be replaced or demoted from the raider rank. Unless special agreements are made between an individual raider and the leading team.
Having a raid attendance % below 92% will warrant you a warning from the officer team. We will now be looking for a possible replacement for you.
Having a raid attendance % below 90% without having any special agreement with the officer team results in a demotion to trial rank.
Having a raid attendance % below 85% results in a clear failed trial, removal from the raid team and a demotion to social rank.
The guild currently performs 3 mandatory raids per week.
The raid schedule is:

Wednesday: 19:30-23:30 (ST)
Thursday: 19:30-23:30 (ST)
Sunday: 19:30-23:30 (ST)

5.1 Attendance Penalties

Since attendance is currently playing a big role in regards of loot distribution role, and raiding spots, it of course also have its penalties.
The penalties are:
Accepting a raid but not showing up (No show): -2 raids
Not answering a calendar invite 48h prior to the raid: Gives 1 count of unanswered calendar invite.
Being on tentative: Gives 1 count of tentative. 
Counts of unanswered or tentative does not directly affect your calculated attendance however an uanswered % or an tentative % over a certain number will be looked upon harshly and will affect your priority in a negative way when it comes to loot decisions. The critical amount for this is 10 %.

6) Absences & Delays

We are all human, therefore being absent or late for a raid is always a possibility. Constant absences or delays however result in creating a major problem for many guilds therefore they must be handled with care.
Initially all absences NEED to be informed to an officer. Simply registering a decline in your calendar invite is not sufficient. You should contact one of the officers and state the reason of your absence or delay and the duration. Any unjustified and sudden decline will not be tolerated resulting in a penalty or demote. Being absent in a raid contributes in losing the 90% required attendance threshold therefore potentially losing your loot priority.

6.1 Attendance Freeze

Since our guild is heavily based upon attendance, we are also providing our raiders with the possibility to request an “Attendance Freeze”. If a raider faces a real IRL difficulty like examinations, health problems, wedding ceremony (his own of course), vacations or anything similar of extremely high importance he can apply for an Attendance Freeze to the officers by contacting them. The officers then will decide if the attendance freeze should be granted. Continuous requests for an attendance freeze will be declined along with non-important reasons (eg: i had to go out to drink). Trials are not allowed to file for an Attendance Freeze; once a trial is initiated the full duration of it must be executed so the officers can take a proper decision. Exceptions over christmas and around Summer holiday periods can be made.

7) Loot Distribution

Our Loot distribution relies on a Loot Council System which is strictly based on the following factors:

Factor no. 1: Benefit towards the needs of the guild and its progression.
Factor no. 2: Adjusted Attendance >= 90%.
Factor no. 3: Rank (Raider+ got equal rights).
Factor no. 4: Benefit towards the individual raider.
Factor no. 5: Consideration of loots received lately

In other words when an item drops, the priority will be: Best choice for guild progression > Attendance 90 %+ > Rank > Best choice to improve individual raider's stats > raider who has received the least loot lately.

If two members share exactly the same status regarding their attendance, performance or upgrade level then other factors are taken under consideration at that point. These factors are not limited to, but includes: Raid performance, previously received loot and general attitude.

8) Raid Preparation

Showing up for a raid unprepared is a major mistake heavily punished by the officer team.
Everyone in the guild needs to fulfill the below-mentioned requirements before showing up for a raid:

1) Having prepared ample consumables including flasks, potions, food buffs and runes.
2) Having studied the encounter and understood all it’s complete mechanics.
3) Attend the raid already aware of the estimated DPS or HPS you should be able to produce in this fight in order to maximize your performance.
4) Having prepared the necessary addon configurations and confirmed their functionality. The following addons should allways be enabled and kept up to date:
- WeakAuras
- Exorsus Raid Tools
- Angry Assignments
- RCLootCouncil

9) Raid Rules

During raid time we expect our members to be fully dedicated to our mission. Specific rules need to be followed in order to facilitate the proper execution and efficiency of our raids.
Some basic rules are:
1) Always be inside (or right outside) the instance at the time of raid start.
2) Always warn an officer before going afk even if it’s for 10 seconds.
3) Obey the officers directions (escalate to guild master if you find a specific request unreasonable).
4) Respond to ready checks as soon as possible.
5) Maintain awareness of possible feasts placed.
6) Do not use Discord unless necessary.

10) Raid Logs & rankings

In Guild information and in the Info tab on Discord there is a link to joining Civitas on When you join Civitas' raiding team we suggest you follow that link and inform an officer once you have done so. You will then be promoted to have viewing rights and uploading rights.

Noone is allowed to upload logs from official Civitas raids to anywhere else than the Civitas guild on Warcraftlogs. This goes for Personal logs aswell! Any log that is done is wanted made available for everyone in the guild.

Raid logs containing logs on progress bosses are always to be kept private! Logs from a boss is not made public untill we say so! Most often you can expect that to be once a boss has been killed 3 times or the next boss is dead. Whatever comes first.

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