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re: DECLINED - App: Sniffysniff - by Guínevere


Thank you for your application to Civitas. Unfortunately we have decided not to move you through to the trial process. We wish you the best of luck on your search.




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re: App: Sniffysniff

The application submitted by Sniffysniff is as follows:

Real Name:


Nationality and Location:
Sweden, Blekinge

Other Information about yourself:
Im a pretty relaxed and calm guy most of the time with passion for raiding.
I dont really play any other games outside of WoW.
Im an old drummer but had to stop playing some years ago.

Main Character's Name:

Armory Link for the Character you are applying with :

Main Characters Race and Class:
Dwarf Paladin

Main Spec and Off Spec:
Holy mainspec. Dont really have any offspec that Ive been using in raid, but I do go prot in mythic plus runs if needed but interms of raiding I would probably be better of as Retri than prot.

Main Character's equipped Item Level in Main Spec and Off Spec:
As Holy Im mainly in 941 (can drop depending on legendarys), 941 prot and 938 in ret.

Main Character's Artifact level (number of Traits acquired) in Main Spec and Off Spec:
Holy 72+, Prot 52, Ret 52

Main Character's Artifact Knowledge level:
max, whatever that is now this week.

Any Alts? (name, armory link, and so on for each alt):
I do have a few alt but I havent really got down to play any as my "main alt". Currently I focusing on my druid as resto.

I also have a priest Holy is what I mainly have played. Trying to get some more knowledge as Disc.

Rogue. This is my first real pure dps alt. I have never really been into the other roles more than healing but I have had some fun on this one.

I do have a few more alts but non of them is currently up to date at all but those are a resto shaman. 3 other paladins (this has been due to splitruns/altruns in the past mainly)with combined about 150 days played on.

Day's Played on the Character you're aplying with:
778 days

Alchemy and Enchanting currently

Content Cleared (current expansion):
EN, 7/7 Mythic, Nov 6 2016
ToV, 3/3 Mythic, Feb 2 2017
NH, 8/10 Mythic, Star Auger on Mar 22 2017, World rank 272 (now says 302...)

With Exiled
NH, re-Progressed Auger, progressed Elisande and Guldan Mythic with them, Guldan on Jun 6 2017

With Aquila
ToS, 6/9 Mythic, Mistress on Sep 17 2017

With Exiled (yes same guild as earlier)
Maiden ("boosted" on, their 5th kill), Progressed on Fallen Avatar and killed on Okt 22 2017
KJ progress, best pull 46%, we've seen second dps adds spawn.

I will explain more into details about the going in between guilds later on.

What would you consider to be the "Hardest" encounter for you so far? :
This is hard to say. I assume we are talking about current ones as in ToS and there has been a few in the guilds Ive been in but most of the things that has made it hard is not the acual encounter itself, it has been more the way we have been doing it, "wrong" (or even non cd) rotations and just pure tunnelvision on ppl so they are not soaking or looking whats under their feet and so on.
But if I have to pick one Ill probably say KJ for now but even there Im not convinced with the tactic my current guild are using and we have parts of the fight where we due to tactic and cd rotation makes it harder than it has to be. The moving tho for slow classes makes it a bit of a nightmare from time to time, way to long cd on my pony.

Previous Hardcore or Semi-Hardcore Raiding Experience? Explain on what class/spec, your rating/results and when you did this (Dates/expansion) if any. Provide Documentation.:
Started to play WoW during the second week of Vanilla and I have always been playing my Paladin as my main and as Holy. This character Im applying with is my very first toon I made and is still my main.

-High Council.
Got into one of the servers top guilds, High Council. Never progressed Molten Core but did progress on Vale (2nd boss bwl) and all the way up to around 50ish% on Nefarian where I changed guild to Reins of Justice.

-Reins of Justice.
I joined RoJ to be able to play with my Real life friends.
During the BwL progress I got my first Officer and Raid Leader rank.
I stayed in RoJ the rest of Vanilla and we cleared all the raids and bosses except C'thun in AQ40 and we only killed 8 bosses in Naxx 40.
RoJ ended in the top 5 guilds on the server.

TBC: Best x-pac ever! (imo)
I started in RoJ but due to ppl quitting, wanted different things the guild went down after Kara was Cleared.

-For President.
I joined here to get some proper raiding going and we did clear Gruuls, Magtheridon, everything in Serpentshrine Cavern except Lady Vashj, everything in Tempest keep except Kael'Thas. After a vote on what to do most ppl wanted to stop raiding so the guild fell apart.

I got contacted by Merged.
They were at that time progressing on 3rd boss in Mount Hyjal and 2nd in Black Temple.
We Cleared MH as server second and BT as server 3rd.
Sunwell was a bit rough and we got up to the twins before the nerfs (x-pac nerf). before the nerfs we was 2nd on the server.
I got promoted to officer and one of the Raid Leaders.

Bad personal start of this x-pac, I ended up in a car accident and was in hospital. The guild got all 3 Server first Naxx 25, Malygos 25 and Sartharion 25.
I came back home 2-3 weeks before Ulduar opened. we cleared ulduar before Trial of the Crusader.
We was server second in Trial (we didnt kill last boss on HC) going into ICC.
We did well in ICC and kept our second position however Lich King himself was to hard for us and we had to wait till the 30% nerf before we got him down and ended as server second.

We only cleared BwD, BoT and Tot4w on normal thanks to Rift that came out. ppl was bored of wow and wanted to play rift instead so the guild broke up.

-Unknown Entity (10man).
Joined and became healing officer.
We killed most of the Heroic except Al'akir.
Firelands, great start and I also got "promoted" to one of our raid leaders. We got a few early server firsts. We got all the way to Ragnaros pre nerf. kill him after the first nerf and got server second.
Dragon Soul, We did get all bosses on heroic server first except for 2nd and 3rd. We did get up and progressed Spine pre nerf. We killed Spine on the last day with the 5% nerf. Madness and server first had to wait till next reset with 10% due to us being out of time.

The Guild split up early progress and I decided to take a break from the raiding and was mostly playing the game on a social level.
I joined EXODUS as social.

-Angry Management (10man).
This guild was at the time in the race for server first but it was alot of toxic things going on. the guild broke up just 3 weeks after I joined.

-EXODUS (25man)
I went back to EXODUS as social but got told by friends that the gm wanted me to start raiding with them.
They had just started Progress on Paragons of Klaxxi 25HC.
We got server first 25 man Garrosh. He was killed on Apr 9 2014, months before the nerfs came and the patch that did put Mythic into the game.
I was promoted to officer and raid leader.

We had with the new officer team now also new goals for the guild and we started the expantion with high speed for being us.
We got all server first in Highmaul both on hc and Mythic and Imperator Mar'gok was killed on Feb 2 2015 at world rank 406, the reset before Blackrock foundry opened.
Blackrock Foundry, We got all server first kills in both Heroic and Mychic and we killed Blackhand on May 27 2015 at world rank 413.

Two weeks before Hellfire Citadel opened our GM and the 2 other officers told me that they wouldnt be able to help out anymore due to real life.
So I was left alone with it.
But we did get all the heroic and Mythic kills server first. most of the Mythic kills was below the 400 ranks. Archimonde went down at Nov 26 2015 at world rank 395.
This was a huge thing for us as a guild but also something extra on a more personal level after what I had put into it.

Previous PvP experience in Arena or RBGs? Explain on what class/spec, your rating/results and when you did this (Dates/expansion) if any. Provide Documentation.:
non. Im not much for pvp and kinda sucks at it =P

Previous Guild's & Reason for leaving them :
is kida a continue form above..

We lost 8 raiders during the first 2 weeks of raiding, mostly due to real life, work, school and such.
The whole time from start up to our first Atar Auger kill was a pain on many levels for me.

Emerald Nightmare, we got it down. we had server first on all except Xavius. the guild behind us did kill Cenarius 30 mins after us but our raid time was over and ppl couldnt stay longer, while at the same time the other guild extended their time with and extra hour and got the kill. This was what started internal drama within the guild. ppl from both guilds started to "shit talk" eachother and stupid things was done between those ppl. When we eventually had managed to calm eveyone down and try to get the focus back on our own progress the other guild had already started with their progression.

From here it was going to be a battle between our guild and theirs and many ppls eyes. our guild rules was NEVER to be server first and I stated that many times. we was going to do OUR best and where ever that ended up, so be it.

ToV got cleared, we took a x-mas/new year break for 2 weeks. the other guild didnt. we ofc lost helya but we did get her down on Feb 2.

During ToV our GM told us that he wasnt able to continue playing at all anymore. so he did hand me the guild and now I was also the gm. This was something I really didnt want since I still was looking to step down and at this point was so so tired of all the drama that went on between the guilds.

I did get a few new officers in the hope of maybe get some extra help. it all sounded good at the start but turned out that they wernt really up for the task so I still was on my own. To be fair tho I did had a bit more imput from them now and also some minor help with calling things and log reading between pulls.

Nighthold we were most of the time behind the other guild and that was like a poke in the eye for a smaller group of ppl in our guild. what I didnt know at that time was that 2 of my new officers was in this little group and with the time they wanted to go more hardcore and they started to be mean and talking shit about ppl behind my back, they also trashed talked ppl with fales info. When I finally got to know I told them off and gaved them a warning.
We did once again get ourselfs togheter and for the first time get ahead of the other guild and got Tichindrius down first. We after that did get Star Auger down (only one minor nerf had been done to it before so now u could 3 heal it instead of 2) and we did it the reset before the big nerf came which was great and it was at a world rank 272. today it says 302 tho..
About a week later, I again found out by a friend that had been in the same channel on discord with that small group of "angry ppl" when they had talked about their plans, who was bad player and who should be kicked and replaced. At this time I had just had enough. So I called for a meeting told them that if this is the guild they wanna run then its up to them, I dont want to be a part of it so I decided to step down and leave the guild. I told our raiding team why I took the decision to do so and told everyone that it now was up to each and everyone to decide what they wanted to do. I left the guild, 4-6 others left when I stepped down. They took in the ppl they had planed but due to no one could do what I had been doing, the guild died 6 days after.

Me, Jelly and another friend to us wanted to keep raiding together and we went over to alliance and the Guild Exiled.
We was told alot of things but found out that it was a new guild with alot of young ppl and a leadership without any experience and a raid leader that only was yelling, screaming and pointing fingers left and right and ontop of that was wrong 98% of the time. It was very toxic.

We was there and did Re-progression on Star Auger with them and full progress on Elisande and Guldan.

We talked to the GM and other officers about the problems but in the end after our second Guldan kill we left them due to said reasons.

We all three went over to Aquila for the start of ToS. Aquila which had been one of the better guilds on the server. we got told that alot of ppl had stopped playing but it wasnt going to be any problems. This turned out to be wrong. We were struggeling on heroic and mythic even more so.
Even with all the problems in raids I stil have to say that Aquilla up to today IS THE best guild Ive been in outside of raiding. super friendly and fun but again the raids was jsut horrible 9/10 times sadly.
I tried to help them as much as I could but it was a new officer team and raid leader in the guild with no experience. the GM was still there and one old officer but non of them wanted to do the things anymore, jsut show up for raid.
I talked to the raid leaders of the guild where I was standing, I told them I needed more out from raiding than want they could offer me but I also told them that I was gonna give them time to try to sort things out. I offered myself to set cd for later bosses. This first talk to them was 2½ month before I left the guild. second talk was about 1 month before I left and I did say to them that I need more otherwise I will look for something else.
The last 1½ month while I was in there also the rosters numbers started to go down. we even had to call raids. some raids were done with 19 ppl. so it came to the point where nothing happend and it just got worse so I told them that it was it for me.

Both me and Jelly now got contacted by Exiled again. They had a new roster with only 6 ppl left from the old team. A new gm and a new raid leader. Some ppl were friends with a former Nova (fatboss guild) player that was after their rank 19 in teh world of Guldan looking to raid alot more casual. This guy did manage to pull 7-8 other players from top 100 and 200 guilds with him. The raid leader was said to be from Prime (top 100) and all that together with no drama no hardcore attitude it all sounded really good. So we accepted.
We quickly found out already on the first raid and reclear that alot of what had been said wasnt true. If you want more info and details Im happy to tell but that is in private.
however, we got boosted to a maiden kill, it was their 5th. We got to progress with them on Fallen Avatar and got it down Okt 22.
And now we are standing on KJ at a 46% as best pull.

Have you had any long breaks from WoW recently? :
No real break as at all. was that time during MoP where I played the game as a social and the time after the car accident.

Do you have any upcoming commitments that'll render you inactive for a given period of time? (e.g. moving flat, surgery, exams, holiday) :

Raid Availability:
All the time if nothing special happens.

Recent World of Logs/WWS Logs/Warcraft Logs that you are able to show us:

The Madien log is basicly a boost and its a low log as well due to locked down with cds. Fallen avatar more or less the same. most kills on the reclear with Exiled after re joining is some of my lowest I ever done (except sisters) this is mainly due to a weird or even wrong rotations of cds but also getting told to NOT use them.

Why do you want to join Civitas?:
Jelly linked me your wowprogress page and it looked like a really nice, relaxed but focused and serious guild.
I dont want to raid Hardcore and I dont want to raid 5 days anymore. so your times is perfect. My goal is to try to clear content while its current in a good and fun atmospher and from what I can see you guys have the same goal. I hope that I can add something to your roster and be a part of it to help out getting there.

Do you Know anyone in Civitas? (who, from where, from when and such):
Hmm.. Maybe. I know this sounds weird but I do have Amylocker on my Real ID. This is since Cata. We havent really talked since then. I think she was social in Unknown Entity and a friend of a raider (Fergie).

Why should we recruit you?:
Im a guy that takes raiding serious and want to progress and clear content while its current. if thats during first week of the raid or last week of the raid matters less to me but ofc the sooner the better.
Im always willing to help out when I can.
Im very easy going guy and easy (I hope) to talk to.
Hopfully I can add something to your roster and raiding team.

If you make a mistake, how well do you handle criticism? :
imo very well. its a part of the game and I see it as a way to improve myself and even the team as long as its constructive. we can all learn from each other.

Current Hardware specifications you are using to Raid:
Not home at my own pc atm so cant say exact spec but it one of the higher Intel i5s from 3years ago, that is clocked as well.
Nvidia geforce gtx 980
16g ram

Interface/Raiding Addon's List:
Weak auras
Angry assignments
Big wigs
shadowed uniframes
and a few more that I cant remember right now

Add a link to a Screenshot of your UI (WHILE IN RAID COMBAT!) in the text box bellow:
cant atm, not home at my pc. can add later if its needed tho.

Contact information (your Battlenet ID, skype, E-Mail and such):

Extra Information and Final words:
As Ive already said earlier I do have a really bad back since a car accident 10years ago and other things that came with it. I do take painkillers for it daily to be able to deal with the pain. Im not able to work and is therefor on Pension. This is the reason why I can spend so much time online.

Im making my own application obviously but I know that Jelly has applied to you as well and we both would prefer to raid together if possible.

Since this IF accepted will be a transfer for me I kinda wanna know a bit about the healing team, is there acually room? I see that both paladin and shaman is on high but how much play time will there be? Im absolutly fine with rotations thats normal but Im not looking for a "bench spot" either if you know what I mean.

I LOVE raiding and raiding is the main reason why I play this game. I want to be in as much as possilbe (as long as I can contribut ofc) both progress and farm. however as I said I dont have any problems with rotation now and then.

Think thats all.

Thanks alot for your time reading and concider my app and sorry for the wall of text.
Looking forward to hear from you soon.


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