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re: APPROVED - App: Alynda - by Guínevere


Hello there. I'm the healing officer of Civitas and I've reviewed your character. We are in need of a few extra healers, but for the main healing team we are spesifically looking for either a resto druid or a resto shammy (being the 5th), but we concidering any other healing for the 6th spot, which will be a in a matter of speaking, a backup spot

Saying all this however, I am willing to offer you are trial, but I can not promise you it will be a permanent spot on the healing team. It would be a backup spot, someone who comes in on the few bosses that most guilds have done with 6 healers, like Imonar Mythic etc. This way you will have a higher chance of getting some more mythic experience, cutting edges etc. 

If this is something you feel comfortable with, please do contact me in game (Geneveve) or Pesto#1362 at your earliest convenience. 




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re: APPROVED - App: Alynda - by Guínevere


Thanks for posting an application, the officers are currently overlooking your character.




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re: App: Alynda

The application submitted by Alynda is as follows:

Real Name:


Nationality and Location:
greece athens

Other Information about yourself:
Nothing much to add a normal guy that likes playing wow

Main Character's Name:

Armory Link for the Character you are applying with :

Main Characters Race and Class:
human paladin

Main Spec and Off Spec:
Holy and tank Os

Main Character's equipped Item Level in Main Spec and Off Spec:
max gear is 955 ideal gear is 945

Main Character's Artifact level (number of Traits acquired) in Main Spec and Off Spec:
73 lvl holy 68 lvl tank

Any Alts? (name, armory link, and so on for each alt):
Shaman Resto 940 No Os yet ilvl
Foothill Frost 942 Dk No Os
Myramax Guardian druid 940 ilvl Rest Os

Day's Played on the Character you're aplying with:


Content Cleared (current expansion):
I have cleared all heroic modes with different characters and i have done some mythic on the guardian druid on nighthold and some mythic pug runs on Tos with the holy paladin.

What would you consider to be the "Hardest" encounter for you so far? :
Hardest encounter i've seen prolly since 2004 was C'thun in Aq 40 pre nerf

Previous Hardcore or Semi-Hardcore Raiding Experience? Explain on what class/spec, your rating/results and when you did this (Dates/expansion) if any. Provide Documentation.:
I havent played much Hard core since cataclysm due to strange and not stable working hours on my old job.And honestly i havent been in many guild since some time now acxept a late night guild i attempted some motnhs ago

Previous PvP experience in Arena or RBGs? Explain on what class/spec, your rating/results and when you did this (Dates/expansion) if any. Provide Documentation.:
I have really pvp'ed much since TBC

Previous Guild's & Reason for leaving them :
last guild i've been Was Latenightraiderz a late hour guild here on ravencrest in wich i was main tank and raid leader when the leader was absend for one month.Due to luck of attendance and progress and due to incapable people leading the guild i had to step down in order to keep my sanity

Have you had any long breaks from WoW recently? :
Last big brake was in the midle of Wod

Do you have any upcoming commitments that'll render you inactive for a given period of time? (e.g. moving flat, surgery, exams, holiday) :
In a few words i just didnt like that expansion

Raid Availability:
I have a new morning Job now for 6 month with stable hour thus i can raid everyday now

Recent World of Logs/WWS Logs/Warcraft Logs that you are able to show us:

Why do you want to join Civitas?:
I am searching a stable guild with a healthy enviroment for some time now.A guild that has its goal always on cutting edge i havent done that for a while and i really missed it.I know that my past mythic experience in not compatible with the guild progress but i havent really had many chances to be on the same spot

Do you Know anyone in Civitas? (who, from where, from when and such):
I cant recall someone right now

Why should we recruit you?:
I can offer a stable attendace and the will to progress far plus 13 years of rading experience

If you make a mistake, how well do you handle criticism? :
I can handle criticism if its correct and threw dialogue and not flaming

Current Hardware specifications you are using to Raid:
I have an i7 8th gen with a msi 1080gferco 16gig memory and asus rogue z motherboard 27icnh zowie monitor

Interface/Raiding Addon's List:
Beacuse i am at work now i can upload pics of the ui when i get home

Add a link to a Screenshot of your UI (WHILE IN RAID COMBAT!) in the text box bellow:
Link coming soon

Contact information (your Battlenet ID, skype, E-Mail and such):
Btag demonbixlas#2927

Extra Information and Final words:
Prolly you want accept my app beaucse i luck mythic experience but if i am accepted i will give 100% for the guild best

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