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re: APPROVED - App: Salderxd - by ILoonie


Thanks for your application, we would like to invite you to Civitas and start you as a trial. Try to get into contact with and officer as soon as possible for an invite. We look forward to hearing from you




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re: App: Salderxd

The application submitted by Salderxd is as follows:

Real Name:


Nationality and Location:

Other Information about yourself:
When I'm not playing WoW I usually play an instrument or watch/play other games. I have strong interest in icehockey and eSports like Dota2 and CS:GO. I have thousands of hours played on those games.

Formerly known as Salder on this realm.

Main Character's Name:

Armory Link for the Character you are applying with :

Main Characters Race and Class:
Human Hunter

Main Spec and Off Spec:

Main Character's equipped Item Level in Main Spec and Off Spec:

Main Character's Artifact level (number of Traits acquired) in Main Spec and Off Spec:

Any Alts? (name, armory link, and so on for each alt):
I have every class in 110 but none of which are ready for raiding. I'm currently gearing an ele shaman and a holy paladin but I'm okay with playing whichever class should it be needed.

Day's Played on the Character you're aplying with:
36 days. Created just before Legion. Hundreds days played across all hunters.

Herbalism & Tailoring

Content Cleared (current expansion):
In a PUG enviornment:
Nighthold HC - Cleared
Antorus HC - Cleared

What would you consider to be the "Hardest" encounter for you so far? :
It's been a while so memory fails me but Lei Shen HC and Dark Animus HC was pretty challenging at the time.

Previous Hardcore or Semi-Hardcore Raiding Experience? Explain on what class/spec, your rating/results and when you did this (Dates/expansion) if any. Provide Documentation.:
BC with raiding guild:
SSC 4/5
TK 3/4
MH 4/5
WOTLK pugging:
Naxx Cleared
Ulduar Cleared
TOC - Cleared
ICC - 5 bosses on hc
DS 6/8 HC
MSV N - Cleared
HOF N - Cleared
TOES N - Cleared
Tot HC - Cleared
SoO M - Cleared (tagged along with friends)
WoD - none

I'm very satisfied with my performance in ToT. This is nothing I have documented unfortunately but I had multiple rankings on World of Logs.

Previous PvP experience in Arena or RBGs? Explain on what class/spec, your rating/results and when you did this (Dates/expansion) if any. Provide Documentation.:
Reached 2k in 3v3 in wotlk, haven't played pvp since.

Previous Guild's & Reason for leaving them :
Pre-MOP it's hard to remember.
I was in CCC in TBC on Lightnings Blade.

Been playing with friends in a couple of minor 10-man guilds that either fell apart or I parted ways with due to me wanting more progress.

Alterac Deviants - I was a raider in there in ToT but stopped raiding during farm.

Have you had any long breaks from WoW recently? :
I've been playing pretty actively for 12 years, never any major breaks. When I'm not in a raiding guild I farm mounts and just play casually but still keeping up with class changes and such.

Do you have any upcoming commitments that'll render you inactive for a given period of time? (e.g. moving flat, surgery, exams, holiday) :
No commitments.

Raid Availability:
Every day.

Recent World of Logs/WWS Logs/Warcraft Logs that you are able to show us:

Why do you want to join Civitas?:
Civitas is a repuitable guild that has been around about as long as I have played on this realm which shows dedication persistence from the leadership. It's a good enviornment to be in as a raider.

Do you Know anyone in Civitas? (who, from where, from when and such):
I've seen this guild around for a couple of years and I recognize a couple of names in the leadership. I haven't played with anybody though if I recall correctly.

Why should we recruit you?:
You get a very competetive player with high motivation and a lot of time on his hands. You will get somebody who shows up to every raid on both easy and tough times. I always come prepared to every encounter both gear-wise and strat-wise. For me the fun in WoW is the competetive aspect of killing hard bosses and completing new challenges.

I will also participate in alt runs / m+ runs during downtime.

If you make a mistake, how well do you handle criticism? :
I'm perfectly able to handle critisim. My ultimate goal is to become the best player I can be and you don't become that by dismissing constructive critisism.

Current Hardware specifications you are using to Raid:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz, 3501 Mhz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
RAM 16gb
Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB

Interface/Raiding Addon's List:

I'll use whatever is needed of me.

Add a link to a Screenshot of your UI (WHILE IN RAID COMBAT!) in the text box bellow:

Contact information (your Battlenet ID, skype, E-Mail and such):

Extra Information and Final words:
If you have any questions feel free to ask me either here or via battle tag.

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