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re: App: Scpoi

The application submitted by Scpoi is as follows:

Real Name:
George Monteith


Nationality and Location:
English - England, UK.

Other Information about yourself:
I'm a 21 year old graduate from England. I work full time as a gardener. I've been playing WoW consistently for about two to three years now, but have played here and there when I was younger too. Outside of WoW, I play a lot of League of Legends. I try to do a few M+'s and hc pugs when I have the free time and inclination. Always looking to be social and mix in with a guild.

Main Character's Name:

Armory Link for the Character you are applying with :

Main Characters Race and Class:
Void Elf - Hunter

Main Spec and Off Spec:
Marksmanship and Beast Mastery.

Main Character's equipped Item Level in Main Spec and Off Spec:
971 as MM - 975 as BM.

Main Character's Artifact level (number of Traits acquired) in Main Spec and Off Spec:
79 traits MM - 75 traits BM

Any Alts? (name, armory link, and so on for each alt):
Yareia: (Aff lock - good legendaries)
Yariia: (Bear/Balance dudu - bad legendaries)

Day's Played on the Character you're aplying with:
32 days at 110 - made midway through ToS, just before Argus patch

Alchemy and Herbalism - 800 each.

Content Cleared (current expansion):
7/7M EN
2/3M TOV
8/10M NH
5/9M TOS

What would you consider to be the "Hardest" encounter for you so far? :
The hardest encounter varies a bit for me based on what my guild situation was like at the time. During Nighthold, my guild was still quite new to Mythic raiding and thus we struggled a lot with Elisande and the fight seemed very challenging. But come Tomb of Sargeras, it was Mistress that became the cockblock that eventually destroyed the guild. Right now, my guild has been struggling for over a month with Argus, so my inclination might be to say Argus as a general one for my guild and myself. The amount of precise movement and inability to hesitate makes it a fun challenging boss.

Previous Hardcore or Semi-Hardcore Raiding Experience? Explain on what class/spec, your rating/results and when you did this (Dates/expansion) if any. Provide Documentation.:
I raid lead and GM'd for most of Legion, up to when I took a short hiatus during Tomb of Sargeras. I mained tank during this time, specifically Protection Paladin and Vengeance Demon Hunter as well as a bit of Ret and Havoc when I was needed to DPS instead. During this time we got, as mentioned earlier, 7/7M EN, 2/3M TOV, 8/10M NH and 5/9M TOS. For a guild that had only recently started mythic raiding I was relatively satisfied with these results at the time.

Previous PvP experience in Arena or RBGs? Explain on what class/spec, your rating/results and when you did this (Dates/expansion) if any. Provide Documentation.:
No PvP experience to note.

Previous Guild's & Reason for leaving them :
The Shadowbanned (Horde) - At the start of Legion, the guild decided it wanted to try Mythic raiding, but the current officer team was incapable of handling that, so after a revolt with the members of the guild I became the GM with a team of officers voted on by the guild members. However over time, I was being forced into handling more and more responsibilities. I was the raid leader, the loot officer and GM all at once which lead to a burnout during our Mistress progress. I took a break from raiding and the guild all went their separate ways.

Ruin (Alliance) - During my break, I wanted to try my hand at a fresh start and created an alliance hunter. I leveled it, geared it with the help of a casual guild, and when I felt ready to raid, I applied to the guild Ruin. I was trial for about two weeks before that guild fell apart due to unknown reasons. I was invited to every raid during this time despite not having all the good legendaries for my class.

Ex Gratia (Alliance) - Just before Antorus, I joined my current guild Ex Gratia. During our Mythic progression, we ran into difficulties with Imonar, and then after finally killing him, we killed Kingaroth the same night but then began to struggle heavily during reclears. The officer team crumpled apart and it was rebuilt and I was asked to be loot officer and assistant raid leader. I accepted, wanting to try and help them out. But due to the change in officers and general feel of the guild, most people I became friends with drifted away to join other guilds and I am now surrounded with unknown names and faces with fellow officers that never seem to communicate anything between each other. I chose to start looking for another guild after we spent an entire night essentially reprogressing phase 1 despite two days earlier being able to consistenly push phase 3 and get a 0.8% wipe. I am annoyed and frustrated with both the officer team and the raider team and no longer feel at home here, so I'm looking elsewhere.

Have you had any long breaks from WoW recently? :
Mid-way through ToS, in the weeks leading up to 7.3 I took a small break from raiding specifically during which I leveled the character I am currently applying on. I have had a continuous sub since Legion's launch and have taken no breaks other than that.

Do you have any upcoming commitments that'll render you inactive for a given period of time? (e.g. moving flat, surgery, exams, holiday) :
No. I live at home and am out of university.

Raid Availability:
I should be available for all raid nights and will communicate as far ahead as possible if anything changes regarding my availability.

Recent World of Logs/WWS Logs/Warcraft Logs that you are able to show us:
We've been progressing and extending on Argus for around 6 weeks now, but my warcraftlogs page has all my current mythic kills on it and the public guild logs should have everything for Argus. - character logs - logs from Monday's raid

Why do you want to join Civitas?:
I'm just looking for a guild that has a sense of stability to it and a good community which I believe I can find in Civitas. My current guild feels very dysfunctional and erratic at times and I want out of that. I also want to find a group of people who will test me to perform to the best of my abilities, unlike my current guild where it feels like I can just cruise through and still perform better than most.

Do you Know anyone in Civitas? (who, from where, from when and such):
I do not.

Why should we recruit you?:
Because I am a very dedicated player with great knowledge about his class and most of the fights within Antorus due to having to help raid lead them. I research fights meticulously and always come prepared for a raid, ready to do the best I can for the guild. I listen very well to instructions and am confident enough in my play to be able to deal with surprising situations that may arise mid pull. I like to encourage a social atmosphere and do my best to add to conversations and have fun with my fellow raiders.

If you make a mistake, how well do you handle criticism? :
I handle it very well and often critique myself the harshest. I gladly own up to any mistakes I make and am not afraid to admit my errors or ask for clarification on something I don't understand so that I won't cause any unnecessary wipes.

Current Hardware specifications you are using to Raid:
CPU: i5-3570k
GPU: RX 480 4gb

Interface/Raiding Addon's List:
Angry Assignments
Raid Assist

Add a link to a Screenshot of your UI (WHILE IN RAID COMBAT!) in the text box bellow:

Contact information (your Battlenet ID, skype, E-Mail and such):
Battlenet: Scpoi#21306
Discord: Scipio#3872

Extra Information and Final words:
Thank you very much for the time spent reading my application. I look forward to hearing from you!

On the UI screenshot, I understand it's not in raid combat but my UI differs very little in and out of raid. In raid depends largely on the fight and what WA's I'm using for it. On Argus, for instance, most of my midscreen is cluttered with alerts and BigWigs timers, but on another fight like Garothi or whatnot, it's significantly more calm.

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