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re: App: Baola

The application submitted by Baola is as follows:

Real Name:
Bao La


Nationality and Location:
Danish, Denmark

Other Information about yourself:
I currently go to a Technical high school
Love to play games and strive to be a good player

Main Character's Name:

Armory Link for the Character you are applying with :

Main Characters Race and Class:
Human, Hunter

Main Spec and Off Spec:
Beast Mastery

Main Character's equipped Item Level in Main Spec and Off Spec:

Main Character's Heart of Azeroth level in Main Spec:

Any Alts? (name, armory link, and so on for each alt):
No alts yet, since i am switching to Ravencrest

Day's Played on the Character you're aplying with:
29 days (16 days in BFA)

Content Cleared (current expansion):
Currently full Normal and heroic clear.
3/8 M (Taloc, Mother and Zek'voz)

What would you consider to be the "Hardest" encounter for you so far? :
I would say for me it was mythic Zek'voz since a simple mistake from someone could wipe

Previous Hardcore or Semi-Hardcore Raiding Experience? Explain on what class/spec, your rating/results and when you did this (Dates/expansion) if any. Provide Documentation.:
I have full heroic clear in legion each tier with a Windwalker Monk (can't find my character on warcraftlogs idk why)

Previous PvP experience in Arena or RBGs? Explain on what class/spec, your rating/results and when you did this (Dates/expansion) if any. Provide Documentation.:
No pvp experience worth mentioning

Previous Guild's & Reason for leaving them :
I have only been in social guild that do heroic raids, until BFA i joined Obsidian, but they wanted to realm and faction change which was a bit expensive.

Have you had any long breaks from WoW recently? :
Not since 7.3.5

Do you have any upcoming commitments that'll render you inactive for a given period of time? (e.g. moving flat, surgery, exams, holiday) :

Raid Availability:
The raid times mentioned are perfect, but all days are pretty much okay for me

Recent World of Logs/WWS Logs/Warcraft Logs that you are able to show us:

Why do you want to join Civitas?:
Because i would like to join a guild with good progression each tier and people motivated to do so

Do you Know anyone in Civitas? (who, from where, from when and such):

Why should we recruit you?:
Because i am a determined player that strives to improve aa much as i can.
I am also a fast learner and follow tactics and instructions given. Ofcourse i also read up on all the bosses
I also have good environment awareness and know want to do when to move out or go in.
I always stay updated on patch notes and class tunes and use bloodmallet to find trinkets or Azerite Traits.

If you make a mistake, how well do you handle criticism? :
For me criticism tips to learn from, so i take them seriously not as a personal insult, but for improving

Current Hardware specifications you are using to Raid:
i5 6600k
gtx 1070
500 gb ssd (so i can relog fast and such if needed)
150/100 mb fiber internet

Interface/Raiding Addon's List:
Weak auras
Angry assignments when needed
Details damage meter
Also use simulationcraft for simming

Add a link to a Screenshot of your UI (WHILE IN RAID COMBAT!) in the text box bellow:

Contact information (your Battlenet ID, Discord ID, E-Mail and such):
B-tag: LordBaoLa#2667
Discord: BaoLa#0896

Extra Information and Final words:
Since my guild is switching on Sunday 21 October 2018, i will transfer after that since i am locked for mythic with the current guild

Thanks for your time

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