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re: App: Jaygeh

The application submitted by Jaygeh is as follows:

Real Name:


Nationality and Location:
South African, Cape Town

Other Information about yourself:
Working part time, have alot of free time atm while studying

Main Character's Name:

Armory Link for the Character you are applying with :

Main Characters Race and Class:
Void Elf Priest might swap to lightforged draenai)

Main Spec and Off Spec:
Shadow Main spec, Disc off spec

Main Character's equipped Item Level in Main Spec and Off Spec:
380/381 MS, 378/380 OS , situational

Main Character's Heart of Azeroth level in Main Spec:

Any Alts? (name, armory link, and so on for each alt):
Jayygeh (still 110)

Day's Played on the Character you're aplying with:
15d 6h on current level, 55d overall

Content Cleared (current expansion):
8/8hc 3/8m, 1.2k m+ score

What would you consider to be the "Hardest" encounter for you so far? :
They were all reasonable encounters, Vectis would probably be the "hardest" since its a big healing check and 1 mistake causes a wipe and when you're on a dead realm with average to few good players(massive lack of hardcore players on aerie-peak) theirs alot of "mistakes" that just instant wipe the raid :D

Previous Hardcore or Semi-Hardcore Raiding Experience? Explain on what class/spec, your rating/results and when you did this (Dates/expansion) if any. Provide Documentation.:
ive raided since BC casually and abit higher in wrath, but i only started taking raiding seriously since emerald nightmare when i got cutting edge xavius, after that my raiding guild burnt out during nighthold and the new guild ive been with ive held with the rest of legion which led me to 4/10 nighthold, 5/9 ToS, and 10/11 Antorus (antorus link) (ToS link i mained my druid Jayygeh then) (emerald nightmare swapping between resto and balance dd at the time on druid)

Previous PvP experience in Arena or RBGs? Explain on what class/spec, your rating/results and when you did this (Dates/expansion) if any. Provide Documentation.:
I barely pvp but i have hit 1600 Cr with my arms warrior and 1500 with my shadow priest

Previous Guild's & Reason for leaving them :
Reincarnation (burnt out), It's high noon (got absorbed into another guild wasnt there for long), The Eclipsed (left a few days ago as the progress is too slow always lacking players etc and ive been thinking about going high end for a while as they were not serious enough)

Have you had any long breaks from WoW recently? :
Took a break during ToV and played casual whenever we could not make raid numbers needed

Do you have any upcoming commitments that'll render you inactive for a given period of time? (e.g. moving flat, surgery, exams, holiday) :

Raid Availability:
100% unless a family commitment or emergency renders me unavailable

Recent World of Logs/WWS Logs/Warcraft Logs that you are able to show us:
Ive always tried my hardest to be in the top percentile of my class no matter what ive played even during progression ive made multiple top 100 shadow priest logs after very delayed progression so im always against people who have the boss on farm already which puts me at a disadvantage

Why do you want to join Civitas?:
I am looking for a raiding guild that pushes cutting edge every tier if possible, I also inspect guilds before i apply to see if i would be able to be a good addition to their raiding team.

Do you Know anyone in Civitas? (who, from where, from when and such):
Not that i know of, but ive been around for a long time so im sure its possible i would see a few familiar names

Why should we recruit you?:
I feel i am at the level of play at which Civitas is looking for and although my current progression does not show it, i was slow to wake up in finding a high end raiding guild at the end of antorus and stuck it out in hopes of the best for my current guild. I always push to be the best possible player i can be, which I consider to be top 200 damage wise on logs without hindering progression to pad logs aswell as being able to repair my mistakes at a fast pace in order to not hinder progress.

If you make a mistake, how well do you handle criticism? :
Im used to a raid leader that shouts at players who mess up tactics, i take it as a way to improve and its helpful to get criticised as it helps you repair your mistake even faster.

Current Hardware specifications you are using to Raid:
Graphics quality 4/5 to prevent FPS drops, Texture - fair
4x Anisotropic
projected textures disabled
shadow quality- fair, liquid detail- fair, sunshafts- disables, particle density- good, SSAO- Low, Depth effects- Low
Lighting quality- good, Outline mode- Good

Interface/Raiding Addon's List:
Weak auras 2, DBM, Exorsus raid tools, Details, Spellflash, Twintops insanity bar, tidy plates,

Add a link to a Screenshot of your UI (WHILE IN RAID COMBAT!) in the text box bellow:

Contact information (your Battlenet ID, Discord ID, E-Mail and such):
Jaygeh#2924 (bnet tag)
Jaygeh#0646 (discord tag)

Extra Information and Final words:
I am currently on the server Aerie-peak which is dead and has no really good progression guilds with very mediocre mindsets to progression which i feel has held me back, i do consider myself a very good player and many players ive known to have similar skill or less have left the realm to go on and be in cutting edge guilds. I have the ability to learn classes at a very fast pace if needed for progression raiding while keeping them at a level just below my main , all 3 of my alts are above 370 with 7+ stacks of reo atm

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